Installation, Collection of 100 photos [prints of 10 x 15 cm] / Video, dimension variable, 2015


The Iran-Irak war in the early 80s lasts for eight years. It is known as the 20th century's longest conventional war. For Iranian and Iraqi children of my generation, this war was an inherent part of the environment and life. The end of the war was already the end of the childhood. And like any other conflict, this war had many indirect and underlying effects in social as well as intimate level.

This  video installation is an attempt to recall a birthday remains in a bombed out ruin that I saw once as a kid. The installation is composed of three elements: the video Acrophobia, a series of birthday photos of friends and relatives grown up during the war ( 1980-1989) and a wall painting showing a bombed house. This drawing is a hybrid scenery of ruins from Iran, Palestine, Syria, ...

How can we remember the passing time? A lost memory, even recorded, captured, but cut out of its context, can just belong to the past, a time defined by its disappearance.The video attempts to deconstruct and re-construct a moment, a breath repeating to infinity in an empty space, a virtual endless.


Solo exhibition at muratcentoventidue gallery, Bari, Italy - February 14 - March 25 , 2015








Acrophobia # 1, Single-Chanel video / NB and Color / 08' 52" / 2013