Theater, opera and video performance, 2012-2015


It’s the story of a woman who remembers a night with a man, opera singer, met in a TGV, stay stationary for five hours, cause to suicide committed on the railways. She describes with emotion and humor her relationship dysfunction : the power of projection in love with a man she will never see again.



Text and artistic direction: Clyde Chabot / Play: Laetitia Spigarelli, Julien Marine / Video: Anahita Hekmat / Scenography: Cassandre Boy / Light: Philippe Gladieux- Marie-Hélène Pinon / Sound: Michaël Grébil / Photo: Emmanuel Rioufol and René Mayer Cohen / La Communauté Inavouable company 



January 2015: Gare au théâtre – Vitry-sur-Seine and L’atelier du plateau – Paris
30th january – 2th february 2014: Fabrique MC 11 – Montreuil
29th january 2013 – 20:30 pm: Le Vent se lève ! Paris 19e
30th june 2012 – 9pm: 6B – La Fabrique à Rêves – FAR – Saint-Denis