Video - photo installation

Solo Show, Schaufenster Gallery / Sélestat, France, 2012


In the context of the invitation Schaufenster, I was faced with a new dispositif, the space of the showcase. This requirement
represents an inaccessible imaginary or utopian space for me.
Illwald Forest has very specific and frequent floods. Few months a year, the forest turns into a
sort of floating islands.




To keep the notion of duality being presented in the architecture of the place and the concept of the gallery, I chose the island and the forest as two opposite and complementary heterotopic spaces to be shown in each of the two windows :


Right window: a video montage of the series “Lost,” threatening nature of a desert island in the middle of ocean. Left window: a composite image / a figure in the landscape of flood forest.




Video [Excerpte] in the right window