Experimental creation: Live video / radio / theatre, 2013


Creation draws on contemporary political texts, including The Coming Insurrection Invisible Committee and Manifest of Pussy Riot. The goal is not to make the critical assessment of the activity or inactivity of each policy but to welcome the heroic figures of contemporary words and recognize that, beyond reasonable causes us to act in our business , our lives, to move the boundaries of acceptable, feasible, or desire.

Two spaces are connected live via Skype, a show in Paris with 7 performers on stage (6 comedians and musicians 1) and a Montreal radio program hosted by André Eric Letourneau and his guests. It is therefore for two audiences: the radio listeners in Quebec and spectators of The Lodge in Paris.



Conception: Clyde Chabot, André-Éric Létourneau / Scenography: Cassandre Boy /Light :Cyril Desclés /Collaboration dramaturgique: Laurence De La Fuente / Assistante: Olga Montoya / Video, artistic and technic collaboration: Anahita Hekmat / Photo: Emmanuel Rioufol, Sophie Vialaron / EN FRANCE/ acteursRomain Blanchard, Catherine Decastel, Irene Di Dio, Nicolas Guimbard, Jérôme Le Roy, Tamara Schmidt /Music:Xavier Guerlin / QUEBEC/ Inviteds: Julie André T, Marie Brassard, Yvel Champagne, Luc Chandonnet, Steeve Dumais, Meredith Fowke, René Gour, Lucas Jolly, Catherine Périnet, Alexandre Saint-Onge / Sound organisation: André-Éric Létourneau/ Music: Bertrand Pollux Boisvert (Les anglais débarquent), Michel « Stélazine Zofrêne » Desroches (Les fréres Senseurs)/ Vidéo : Jean-Maxime Dufresne, Suzanne Joly, Simon Lafrenière, Andrès Salas

Second edition of ZOA festival (Zone d’Occupation Artistique), La Loge - Paris, France / 2013