Three-channels video installation / [Le CENTQUATRE] Artistic Establishment in the City of Paris, FR / 2010

The “Persian Garden” is a garden with geometric perspective. It is a closed space; it represents the utopian “paradise”.
The installation is composed of two communicating spaces. In the first hall, a warm light falls on shoots of lentils arranged in a square on the ground. In the second hall, 3 monitors are placed on pedestals arranged on three sides of a black cube.

The monitors show images of walls:

#1: propaganda murals paintings in Tehran depicting the martyrs of the revolution and war, or political personalities.
#2: pictures of a wall of parking, located in the north of Tehran, near the tomb of a saint where passers light candles.
#3: images from the film “The White Balloon” by Jafar Panahi where three children are seeking to take out something traped in a basement window’s bars.

Viewers can get inside the dark box in the middle of the space, where a phosphorescent maze is installed.