Prenatal visions

Public Performance: Live music and double projection video in real time

Double channel video / 22min / Music : “Naturale” of Luciano Berio




Auditorium of MAMCS [Modern and contemporary Art Museum of Strasbourg], France, 2008

Anahita Hekmat (video), Yoko Hori (percussion), Inès Lopez-Bisquert (viola), Xavier Sandner (Recording Player)

The composition “Naturale” by Luciano Berio was built based on an ethnographic record of a native Sicilian singer. The composition for viola and percussion was originally accompanied by a dancer. Here a double projection is replacing the dance.

The evolution of editing seems to illustrate a prenatal vision. The presence of the absent voice (going from macrocosm to microcosm), accompanied by live music and a succession of sequences plays on variations of scale, illustrates the perception of the proliferation of life.