Three channels video installation / Live sound / Casa Blanca Museum, San Juan, Puerto Rico / 2013

Installation developed during a residency at Beta-Local, San Juan, Purto Rico



This project utilizes nature, architecture and memory as a point of departure. Former defensive forts of Puerto Rico are a part of its historic sites which are reminiscent of the collective memories; they feed today's tourism.The historical military site ‫"‬El Morro" and its landscape, sound intervention of in-site recordings and historical texts in two languages, English and Spanish are used as a means of relating these two colonial periods in the history of Puerto Rico. Sound is composed of layers and functions as a trigger of the underlying collective memory.


AB: HD Video / Dolby stereo / loop of 05' 39" / 2013








 EM2: HD Video / Dolby Stereo / Loop of 09' 17" / 2013







the third screen: HD Video / Live Sound: Joël Rodriguez / 11' 23" / 2013